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Featured Project:

Penelope1 (Photo courtesy of Penelope Daborn Ltd. Centinela IV. Brisa Dining Chair Shown.)

Interior designers and architects, we warmly welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your residential and commercial projects.  We work extensively with designers both locally and nationally on projects of any size.

From our early days in the Washington Design Center to our current showroom in Merrifield, VA, we are known for our excellent relationships and partnerships with designers and architects.

The unmatched WILLEM SMITH customer service is there to support you from the initial bid for the job to the installation.


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Penelope Daborn finds that WILLEM SMITH's customer service is just as thought-through as its design and function.

For Penelope Daborn, great customer service isn’t simply a by-product of the creative energy she invests in delivering excellent interior design; it’s built into the ethos of her Falmouth, Maine company.  Penelope Daborn Ltd. recognizes that courteous and efficient project management requires its own effort, thought and vigilance.
WILLEM SMITH’s attentive, proactive and client-first customer service is what Penny and her associate Denise Dillow experienced for their recent project refurbishing the interior of a client’s yacht.  “We selected the Brisa Three-Hour Dinner Party Chair because the chairs are handsome, ideally-scaled, and the leather beautiful.  But what struck us was how John and JB bent over backwards to ensure that the chairs would arrive exactly as ordered and on time, even as the already-tight schedule was further shortened.   We hated to ask for the near impossible but circumstances were such that we had to.  The frenzy resulted in a very happy and grateful client with a beautiful dining room.”  Then the ship sailed.   Go to to read more about Penelope Daborn Ltd.

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Other Projects:


A Houck Designs
Sandra Bullock and a Willem Smith Swivel (sort of).

Arlington designer Andrea Houck first discovered WILLEM SMITH in the Washington Design Center several years ago.   Creating a beautiful and functional home environment is a personal journey for Houck and she was immediately smitten by WILLEM SMITH’s Francisco Chair series.  
The owners of Sandra Bullock’s childhood home turned to Houck to pull together the final look and functionality of their rooms.  For the window-lined family room that would be used daily, Houck wanted chairs that not only furthered the aesthetic but were genuinely comfortable and usable.

The Francisco Metro Swivel was the perfect solution;  compact and classically clean-lined yet wonderfully accommodating for all sizes and with a swivel that permits multi-directional conversation and attention. “You can count on the functionality of WILLEM SMITH pieces – they emphasize comfort and all of their furniture is extremely ‘liveable’.  The quality  exceeds expectations and the perceived value is fantastic. And, perhaps most importantly, my clients love their chairs.”  Read more about Andrea Houck here.

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Kathleen Hay Designs

Willem Smith: detail crazed and comfort-obsessed.

The story of our relationship with award-winning designer Kathleen Hay Designs is typical. Kathleen and some members of her firm first encountered WILLEM SMITH at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York. They spotted, sat and ultimately were smitten by the Capital Chair and the Francisco Metro Swivel. But who were these detail-crazed, comfort-obsessed coconuts from that political snake pit, Washington, DC?

Verifying our legitimacy to ensure that we were everything their first impression purported us to be apparently took some time. We finally received our first Capital Chair order six months later and it has been a terrific partnership ever since. “From a design standpoint,” offered Kathleen, “the pleasing profiles of Capital Chair and the Francisco Metro are great canvases I can dress up in COM fabrics or one of their wonderful leathers. And our clients are always thrilled: the workmanship is top notch and of course WILLEM SMITH’s products all sit so phenomenally well.”

The Capital Chair was launched after we found clients deploying our Etesian Upholstered Arm Chair as a desk and meeting room chair. We added a fancy 5-star swivel-tilt base, re-configured our cutting pattern to institute saddle-stitched seams and tweaked our piErgonom comfort ingredients. Our Capital Chair is ideal for virtually any setting where work needs to be done, from conference rooms and home offices to the Nantucket Community Music Center’s control rooms (shown in photo).

Based on idyllic Nantucket, Kathleen’s internationally-recognized eponymous firm’s residential and commercial design work is concentrated across the geographies of Cape Cod, Boston, New York and Connecticut, but her projects span the globe. Read more about Kathleen Hay Designs.

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DiningRoom_Overall_0552_(1)_4x3  Houck_400x300

Elissa Grayer Interior Design.                                                                                                          A. Houck Designs.

Library-Office_Panorama_4x3  Library-Office_View_to_Kitchen_and_Porch_4x3

Music_School_childrens_space  Music_School_reception_room

Kathleen Hay Designs. Nantucket Community Music Center.                                                  Kathleen Hay Designs. Nantucket Community Music Center reception.