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Music_School_childrens_space_950x300px (Photo courtesy of Kathleen Hay Designs. Nantucket Community Music Center. Etesian shown.)

Interior designers and architects, we warmly welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your residential and commercial projects.  We work extensively with designers both locally and nationally on projects of any size.

From our early days in the Washington Design Center to our current showroom in Merrifield, VA, we are known for our excellent relationships and partnerships with designers and architects.

The unmatched WILLEM SMITH customer service is there to support you from the initial bid for the job to the installation.


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Featured Projects:

Music_School_childrens_space  Music_School_reception_room

Kathleen Hay Designs. Nantucket Community Music Center.                                      Kathleen Hay Designs. Nantucket Community Music Center reception.

DiningRoom_Overall_0552_(1)_4x3  Houck_400x300

Elissa Grayer Interior Design.                                                                                A. Houck Designs.

Library-Office_Panorama_4x3  Library-Office_View_to_Kitchen_and_Porch_4x3


Teton Club. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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