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Ultimately we trust you'll discover and agree that, in the crowded jungle that is the furnishings world, we are decidedly not more of the same.  We are guided by our principles in everything that we do.

WILLEM SMITH Eclipse Credenza front latches Thought Through

At WILLEM SMITH, every detail is thought-through - no, agonized over - from the fundamentals of the design, to the comfort of the seating, to the aesthetics.  




ethosEnvironmentally Aware

WILLEM SMITH recognizes that as a manufacturer we consume precious natural resources. We are committed to acting resopnsibly to minimize impacts on the environment.  Read more...



item_co_piergonom Comfort Obsessed

WILLEM SMITH focuses on (or obsesses over) comfort.  The 'comfort" part of WILLEM SMITH's obsessive design process even has a name - it's called piErgonom.  


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