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About the Francisco Collection

Compact Comfort

We like to say sit it to believe it. The Francisco lives it. With a 27-inch waist, a compact, angular gait and, for the swivel, just a 36” turning circle, one would assume that the marketing czars at WILLEM SMITH were wooing the condo and townhouse crowd. Well they were, except the suits at HQ told the engineers in product development that the Franciscos had to out-snuggle a flock of month-old New Zealand lambs. The next thing you know, this compact oasis of recumbent bliss is packing a piErgonom comfort certification while enrapturing the high style set with its I-know-I’m-cool-but-I’m-doing-my-best-not-to-look-smug demeanor.

piErgonom Certified

Eight-way hand-tied recycled steel coils in sustainably-harvested hardwood frames. Soy-based foam. Exclusive WILLEM SMITH spring-down seat cushion. Three different styles on the same frame. 5 sizes, from the compact club chair to a 10 foot sofa, with sleepers and ottomans thrown in for good measure. Scale-defying comfort in a subtly contemporary package.

Sit it to believe it!



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