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willem smith brisa front view

Brisa Dining Side Chair

Our Brisa series is a testament to the "less is more" design philosophy. We started with the Etesian features that our clients ra...

willem smith brisa wood arm chair right

Brisa Wood Arm Chair

Our Brisa Wood Arm Chair is a sister to the Brisa Dining Side Chair<...

WILLEM SMITH Etesian Upholstered Dining Arm Chair Front Left in Patagonia Linen

Etesian Upholstered Arm Chair

Part of our Three Hour Dinner Party series, the Etesian is enormously comfy and stylishly elegant. Think Aegean breeze: calming a...



About the Etesian Collection


Dining chairs are for sitting. Oh sure, you can perch, drape, straddle or flop, but during a meal, particularly one lasting more than 15 minutes, you sit. But how often have you sat comfortably?

At WILLEM SMITH , we set out to develop not simply a dining chair but the 3-hour dinner party chair. And thus we created the stylishly elegant Etesians. All of our seating has piErgonom-certified comfort which implies that we have agonized over every detail to create the sit-it-to-believe-it experience.

The symbiosis of the pitch, the profile, the scale, the construction along with our materials, somehow, results in chairs that are enormously sitable.

You take our thought-through engineering and make the chair your own. Hundreds of WILLEM SMITH leathers and fabrics, a full menu of optional stitching and nailhead combinations ensure that your chairs will not only feel terrific, they'll look exactly as you imagined.

Sit it to believe it!


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