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willem smith caballero club chair

Caballero Club Chair

It is, quite simply, the most comfortable club chair. The Caballero Club Chair embodies all that is WILLEM SMITH: thought-throug...

WILLEM SMITH Caballero Sofa front

Caballero 84" Sofa

We built the Caballero Sofa based on the popularity of our Caballero Club. Enormously comfortable. Its popularity is thanks to ...

WILLEM SMITH Caballero Swivel Club Chair

Caballero Swivel Club Chair

Sometimes Caballero comfort and style is called for to read by the fire in one direction and watch Madmen in the other. Where the...

WILLEM SMITH Caballero Ottoman

Caballero Ottoman

Stylish companion piece to the Caballero Chair.



About the Caballero Collection

The Most Comfortable Club Chair

The Caballero is, quite simply, the most comfortable club chair. It’s super accommodating without being enormous (it's just 34” wide), transitionally-styled and ideal for average to slightly taller lads (and lasses). We designed the Caballero to be at home in most surroundings with a subtle nod to our mid-century leanings.

An Everyday Chair

But the Caballero is an every day chair: sure, it likes to hang out in a man-cave but its true calling is in a living room that people actually live in (rather than "oh, that's our lovely sitting room, but we only use it at Thanksgiving and for receptions after funerals."). Incidentally, we have two in our kitchen: now the smallest room in the house is the most comfortable room in the house.  They can swivel or recline too.

piErgonom Certified

Apart from its design details (seat pitch, depth, arm height, etc...) which have - believe us - been agonized over, most of the Caballero's engineering tips its hat to the finest time-tested techniques of high-end, US upholstered furniture manufacturing. And then there’s WILLEM SMITH's exclusive seat cushion that combines Marshall springs, multi-density foam, Dacron, and feather-down layers in a proprietary recipe that, while not solely responsible for the sublime sit, is the like the right tires on a Ferrari: It’s great without them, but with them it’s awesome.

Sit it to believe it!


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