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Overstock Sale

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WILLEM SMITH Bradbrooke Clock

SALE: Bradbrooke Clock

With its unique grace and function, the Bradbrooke Clock has the breadth and flexibility to assume the responsibility of being a s...

WILLEM SMITH Polleras Sofa Linen cropped

SALE: Polleras Sofa

The Polleras Sofa is one of those rare beasts that lives up to its hype. Introduced in early 2013, it oozes a quiet, confident, al...


SALE: Etesian Dining Chair

Our classic Etesian: the 3-hour dinner party chair. Enormously comfy and stylishly elegant. Think Aegean breeze: calming and ref...

WILLEM SMITH Borrel Pub Table

SALE: Borrel Pub Table

This isn’t a cute name for a reasonable facsimile of a pub table. This IS a pub table. 30” round 1¼” Ash top in a Walnut finish,...

Charla table

SALE: Charla Dining Extension Table, Boat

We all know that all chairs are not created equal,but a table is just a table, right?! At WILLEM SMITH we politely but emphaticall...

WILLEM SMITH Caballero Recliner

SALE: Caballero Recliner

It was an easy formula. Take the most comfortable club chair (ever), add a recliner mechanism, make it a tad higher and the Cabal...

WILLEM SMITH Caballero Swivel RO

SALE: Caballero Swivel Club Chair - with ottoman

It is, quite simply, the most comfortable club chair. The Caballero Club Chair embodies all that is WILLEM SMITH: thought-throug...

Willem Smith Caballero Club Chair Battery Park

SALE: Caballero Club Chair - with Ottoman

Quite simply, the most comfortable club chair, the Caballero Club anchors the Caballero series. It's popularity is thanks to funda...


SALE: Caballero Club Chair - with Ottoman

It is, quite simply, the most comfortable club chair. The Caballero Club Chair embodies all that is WILLEM SMITH: thought-throug...

WILLEM SMITH Capital Chair dreamer lipstick

SALE: Capital Chair

In your home or your conference room, the WILLEM SMITH Capital Chair works. Thought-through comfort with extra lumbar support and...

WILLEM SMITH Etesian Baja Upholstered Arm Chair CV

SALE: Etesian Baja Upholstered Arm Chair

The Etesian Baja Upholstered Arm Chair is slightly wider than the Etesian Baja Chair to accommodate the padded and upholstered arm...

WILLEM SMITH Alvaro Bar Stool Tango Chalk

SALE: Alvaro Bar Stool

Combining a sustainably harvested maple frame with a WILLEM SMITH proprietary seat cushion to provide subtle lumbar and thigh supp...


What is Overstock?

Bear in mind that WILLEM SMITH’s pricing policy is a bit different than that of most of our furniture selling brethren. For all 'regular' items, our price is the price.  It is set deliberately and because we are the manufacturers, the value is outstanding.  We never discount for the sake of negotiation nor do we put regular merchandise on sale. We dislike the feeling when we've made a big purchase and find out later that someone else paid less; it won't happen on our watch.

Having said all that, we do have overstock items, inventory bloopers and there's-an-odd-story-to-this-piece situations where a discounted price is warranted and logical.

Please ask us for additional information about these items: most are at our World Headquarters, right across from the Mosaic in Merrifield (Fairfax, VA), so we can easily provide additional photos and insight.

Thank you for spending time with WILLEM SMITH.

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