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WIllem Smith Canape Sofa

Canapé Sofa

We’re leaders, not followers, but we definitely pay attention to folks we admire. Holly Hunt recently said a straight sofa “with ...

willem smith polleras 85 sofa

Polleras Sofa

The Polleras Sofa is one of those rare beasts that lives up to its hype. Introduced in early 2013, it oozes a quiet, confident, al...

willem smith rio cava sofa and chairs series

Rio Cava Comfort Series

Introducing the WILLEM SMITH Rio Cava Custom Comfort Series. Don't consider the Rio Cava if you're not interested in the sublime c...

Willem Smith Francisco Metro Sofa

Francisco Metro 74" Sofa

Some folks label our Francisco Metro ‘look’ as mid-century modern that spent the weekend in Milan. The ideally-sized Francisco Me...

finland 1

Finland Sofa

The Finland Seating Series is quite possibly the most chameleon-like of WILLEM SMITH’s collection. Stretched and dressed in a mute...

willem smith frankie sofa

Frankie Sofa

We love the Frankie series. We think the Frankie 90 looks balanced and clean yet still inviting. The arms are wide enough for a ...

willem smith cholila sofa

Cholila Sofa

When you’re imagining an unblemished, no fuss, straight-up fishing (and forget-the-world) lake in Argentine Patagonia your mind’s ...

willem smith oso 72 sofa

Oso Sofa

Oso: (i) Sp. n. bear, (ii) Eng. adj. extremely, as in, “right now I am oso comfortable". WILLEM SMITH's Oso Sofa looks great a...

willem smith case study

Case Study 80 Sofa

If Don Draper were to enter into the room, after pouring himself two fingers of bourbon at the sideboard, where would he sit? Nat...

Willem Smith Francisco Twin Sleeper

Francisco Metro 45" Twin Sleeper

Welcome to the new paradigm of sleep sofa engineering and style. It used to be that a sleeper sofa didn't sit or sleep well, took...

Canape Sectional front view

Canapé Sectional

Who says that sectionals can’t be everything: stylish, ultra-comfortable and properly-scaled. The Canapé sectional is the resul...

WILLEM SMITH Francisco Queen Sleeper CHR8275 fabric

Francisco Metro 75" Queen Sleeper Sofa

It wasn't long ago that sleep sofas weren't for sleeping or for sitting. With a series as comfortable as the Francisco, we were co...




Comfort. Quality. Value.



Sitting is believing: WILLEM SMITH chairs are comfy. The right height, the right pitch, the right depth. Firm enough for support, fluffy enough for delicious. Clean but with enough oomph to look terrific, empty or occupied, alone or deftly inserted to complement your existing décor.

Full grain aniline-dyed WILLEM SMITH leathers, graded-in fabrics or COM, with various wood and finish combinations available.  All chairs are subtly accented with the WILLEM SMITH wings and diamonds inlay motif. 




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