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Office Chairs

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Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm

Capital Chair

We don’t want to pick sides in the evolutionist/creationist debate, and in the case of our Capital Chair, we straddled the issue. ...

WILLEM SMITH Brisa Wood Arm Chair

Brisa Wood Arm Chair

Everything we said about the Brisa just with arms at the perfect height. Tasked with creating a hospitality (restaurant) version o...

Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm

Etesian Upholstered Arm Chair

Part of our Three Hour Dinner Party series, the Etesian is enormously comfy and stylishly elegant. Think Aegean breeze: calming a...

willem smith rio amstel

Rio Amstel Chair

Our Rio Amstel is like a tuxedo from Savile Row: across the room it looks great (it’s a tuxedo after all), but up close you can im...

willem smith rio java chair

Quintana Swivel Chair

The Quintana Swivel Chair is its own man (or woman). It sits big, but it’s discreet. The curved tight back gives you a ‘hello’ h...

willem smith rio java chair

Rio Java Chair

The Rio Java chair epitomizes the WILLEM SMITH mystique: create a modest, well-scaled frame and somehow imbue it with size-defying...

Willem Smith Brisa Baja Wood Arm chair

Brisa Baja - Wood Arm

Sometimes it’s the size of the room and/or the footprint of the table that suggest a more subdued overall chair height. Still at l...