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WILLEM SMITH Brisa Side Chair

Brisa Side Chair

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case evolution. Tasked with creating a hospitality (restaurant) versio...

willem smith brisa cerrada dining chair

Brisa Cerrada

This chair is the equivalent of designing a wonderfully-scaled, ergo-attentive and eco-conscious 21st century dining chair frame a...

willem smith Brisa Baja Side Chair

Brisa Baja

Sometimes it’s the size of the room and/or the footprint of the table that suggest a more subdued overall chair height. Still at l...

willem smith brisa cerrada wood arm dining chair

Brisa Cerrada Wood Arm

If you try super-hard to improve on the Brisa Cerrada, the only possible outcome is the Brisa Cerrada Arm Chair. When you need to...

WILLEM SMITH Brisa Wood Arm Chair

Brisa Wood Arm Chair

Everything we said about the Brisa just with arms at the perfect height. Tasked with creating a hospitality (restaurant) version o...

willem smith brisa baja cerrada dining chair

Brisa Baja Cerrada

Balanced and reserved yet a fabulous sit for any size, the Brisa Baja Cerrada’s understated presence belies its engineered-for-com...

Willem Smith Brisa Baja Wood Arm chair

Brisa Baja - Wood Arm

Sometimes it’s the size of the room and/or the footprint of the table that suggest a more subdued overall chair height. Still at l...

Willem Smith Brisa Baja Cerrada Wood Arm

Brisa Baja Cerrada - Wood Arm

When a Brisa Baja Cerrada needs to chair a conference (pardon the double entendre) or requires a tad more heft to preside at the d...

Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm

Etesian Upholstered Arm Chair

Part of our Three Hour Dinner Party series, the Etesian is enormously comfy and stylishly elegant. Think Aegean breeze: calming a...

Willem Smith Molinas side chair

Molinas Side Chair

The Molinas was born when we sought to combine a traditional, time-proven Amish-built dining chair with slightly more progressive ...

willem smith gobierno side chair

Gobierno Side Chair

We think that the Amish community builds the best solid wood chairs. Since we don't like to settle for second best, we have our fr...

Willem Smith Pacifico Chair

Pacifico Dining Chair

In some ways, our Pacifico strikes the perfect balance between the sandal-and-granola Northwest crowd and the too-cool-for-school ...




Comfort. Quality. Value.



Sitting is believing: WILLEM SMITH chairs are comfy. The right height, the right pitch, the right depth. Firm enough for support, fluffy enough for delicious. Clean but with enough oomph to look terrific, empty or occupied, alone or deftly inserted to complement your existing décor.

Full grain aniline-dyed WILLEM SMITH leathers, graded-in fabrics or COM, with various wood and finish combinations available.  All chairs are subtly accented with the WILLEM SMITH wings and diamonds inlay motif. 




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