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Bar and Counter Stools

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WILLEM SMITH Atlantico Stool

Atlantico Stool

Sometimes honesty is the best policy, so here goes: the Atlantico is about as East Coast as the Pacifico is a Westy. In other wor...

willem smith pacifico bar and counter height stool

Pacifico Stool

In some ways, our Pacifico strikes the perfect balance between the teva-and-granola Northwest crowd and the too-cool-for-school su...

willem smith colina bar stool upholstered

Colina Bar Stool

We think that the Amish community builds the best solid wood chairs. This is the bar stool version of the  

willem smith arroyo counter stool

Arroyo Stool

The Arroyo Stool’s sumptuous carved seat is as alluring to admire at as it is to experience. The Maple frame is beautifully scul...

willem smith san isidro stool

San Isidro Counter Stool

If you’re riding across the pampas of Argentina and you’re hankering for a relaxing pick-me-up, exchange your saddle for a San Isi...