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WILLEM SMITH Discretion Screen Elevation

Discretion Screen

Each of the panels has a four-way matched European Figured Ash façade framed by the WILLEM SMITH inlay strip with an Ash border.

WILLEM SMITH Pterodactyl Tray Front

Pterodactyl Tray

The Pterodactyl Tray was a result of piecing together two throw-away pieces left over from the Bradbrooke Clock. After several pe...

WILLEM SMITH Yoon Mirror Front

Yoon Mirror

Angle-edged frame of Mappa Burl surrounding a beveled glass mirror. Notice the WILLEM SMITH inlay highlighted in the reflection of...

WILLEM SMITH Eclipse Box Adler Jewelry

Eclipse Box

The sister piece to the Stedman Gentleman's Valet, the Eclipse Box can be simply a decorative object or useful as jewelry storage....

WILLEM SMITH Stedman's Valet Front Left

Stedman Gentlemen's Valet

Knowing that the Stedman Gentlemen's Valet is destined to become an heirloom, the design and marquetry have been thoroughly though...

WILLEM SMITH Willem's Humidor Front Right Closed

Willem's Humidor

Fiddleback Makore ‘sunburst' top. Mottled Makore overall with ebony and faux ivory accents. Lined in Spanish Cedar. Top banded wit...




Caring for Wood


Dust can cast a dull pallor, masking the inherent beauty of our carefully selected woods. Frequent dusting not only allows you to pass the white glove test and recoup the wood's sheen, it removes airborne pollutants which could scratch wooden surfaces.  

An ever so slightly dampened, clean, soft cloth is our tool of choice; it effectively removes and traps dust from becoming airborne again.  Read more





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