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Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair
  • Willem Smith Pacifico Chair

Pacifico Dining Chair

Model CHR90

In some ways, our Pacifico strikes the perfect balance between the sandal-and-granola Northwest crowd and the too-cool-for-school surfers in SoCal. The Western Maple frame flows into an elliptical back that has been shaped and pitched into an eye-pleasing, spine-respecting bow. The seat is deep enough for all sizes of friends and family but the footprint of this deceptively accommodating frame is modest. Sit it to believe it!

Starting at $499. As shown $749.

Dimensions18-1/2 OW x 21 OD x 35-1/2 OH 19 3-4 SH; 17 SD
Shown InWalnut-on-Maple. WILLEM SMIT Dreamer Cranberry leather.
UpholsteryExtensive graded-in WILLEM SMITH leather.
COM/COL.5 yards / 9 sq. ft.
WoodMaple frame.
OtherAlso available as the Pacifico Bar or Counter Stool.


We are committed to offering industry-leading quality and selection at a surprising value.  Chosen for their consistency, luxurious hand and, importantly, value, WILLEM SMITH leathers have been aniline dyed, and most have received a light topcoat for depth of color and protection against the realities of life.

Certain series have a more pronounced grain while others may be typically smoother, have a glossier finish or even, hold onto your socks, appear to have a sparkly iridescence.  Some of our favorites exhibit a degree of what is referred to as a pull-up burst; these wonderful hides celebrate the character marks that make each piece of furniture undeniably unique.  Choose your favorite colors, and then contact us to learn about the distinctive characteristics of each collection.

Search by color:  blueblack, brown, greengreymaroonorangepurpleredtanwhiteyellow

How Not To Get Stuck

You’ve no doubt already measured the space where you will put the piece and compared it to the dimensions on our pages about each product. Now let's make sure you can get it there.

The Pathway to Its Intended Destination
  • Entryways: height and width of all areas. Take into consideration the space that the door takes up. Are there any fixtures in the way?

  • Entry Clearance: the distance from the wall, through the doorway to the opposite wall.

  • Twists and Turns: consider ceiling height (if you need to stand the sofa), lights, fans or other ceiling fixtures, banisters.

Other Considerations
  • Before delivery, remove any frames or artwork from walls to avoid bumps and scratches.

  • Remove any potential obstacles between the door and your furniture’s final placement—plants, chairs, accent tables, etc.

  • Please confine pets to ensure they won’t be underfoot or escape out open doors.

  • If you live in a building with an elevator, measure the height of the door, as well as the inside space to ensure it’s big enough for your furniture to travel in.

  • Cut out a cardboard template in the size of the new furniture or using masking tape mark off the area on your floor to help you envision how it will fit in your room.



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