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WILLEM SMITH recognizes that as a manufacturer we consume precious natural resources.  We are committed to acting responsibly to minimize impacts on the environment.

As part of that commitment and in recognition of our use of the precious natural resource of trees, we happily contribute annually to American Forest a conservation group that works around the world to protect and restore forests destroyed by human action or natural disaster.  American Forest plants millions of trees each year, more than 40 million trees to date.

For every purchase made, WILLEM SMITH plants a tree.

Material Selection  

The most significant control we have on our environmental impact is through our choice of materials.  In this increasingly throw-away society we believe our products are objects for life that won’t be quickly added to the nation’s overflowing landfills, like poorly constructed pieces.   Our pieces not only will have aesthetic longevity but we have selected high quality materials so our piece will physically endure.  In addition to selecting materials that will last, we carefully consider, input by input, the impact on the environment. 

  • Non-Endangered Hardwoods.  We build solid components from non-endangered hardwoodsand by in large certified by the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc
  • Semi-Exotic and Exotic Woods.  WILLEM SMITH revels in the beauty of wood, including some unusual species.  Sourcing this wood, however, is not at all straightforward.  Exotic and semi-exotic woods are usually native to less well-developed countries, each with its unique challenges; straight-forward economics exclude external costs to the environment.  To minimize environmental impact we conscientiously use veneers (glossary.com) of these precious woods so each tree can provide a much higher surface area yield and economic value. We believe the higher price of veneer creates an incentive to harvest these unusual species more judiciously.  We have not used and will not use solid-stock from exotic hardwoods.
  • WILLEM SMITH is also conscientious in the fabric choices we offer to upholster your piece.  With limited exceptions, we use fabric made in the US and thus subject to the US’s commendable and stringent environmental regulations.  The fabrics we offer, such as Sunbrella, are durable, stain-resistant solution dyed acrylics and able to withstand the rigors of daily life.  We also offer Repreve(http://repreve.com/Default.aspx) fabrics made from yarns spun 100% from recycled water bottles. 
  • In this disposable world, leather is a material that can last.  So paired with the high quality of WILLEM SMITH construction, leather is a very lasting choice.  While in the past hazardous chemicals were used in tannery, new strict regulations on waste waters has forced the adoption of benign chemicals. We note that leather is a by-product of the meat industry by-product. 
  • Over the last couple of decades, the foam manufacturing industry has worked hard to move from a petro-chemical product.  Without compromising the performance (comfort, endurance) of our filler, we are typically able to include soy based products in our filler, provided by manufacturers such as BioH from Cargill.  WILLEM SMITH anticipates developments will continue and we will strive to be on the forefront of all proven developments. 
Component parts
  • All of the springs incorporated into our seat cushions are made from recycled steel.

We continuously strive to make gains in our stewardship of the environment.  Please contact us if there is an element we haven’t considered that we could incorporate into your custom designed WILLEM SMITH piece.  

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