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Our Story

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WILLEM SMITH Caballero Club Chair JohnIt all began with our desire to conceive exciting and elegant designs that highlighted form, proportion and the spectacular characteristics of our woods.  The objective was to present a look that was thoroughly fresh yet paid homage to those historical elements that resonated with us.  We strove for elan rather than attitude, without compromising on spirit and zip.

Every piece of WILLEM SMITH furniture has been proudly (yet discreetly) signed with our trademarked wings-and-diamonds inlay pattern: you can spot it tucked in a cove, nestled in an edge or subtly decorating a panel. Whenever you discover our distinctive motif, be assured that the provenance of the piece of one of integrity, from the fundamentals of the design to the traditions of old world, bench-made cabinetry.

We soon added upholstered chairs to our carefully-edited collection. Built to the highest standard and infused with our piErgonom comfort, our chairs are extraordinarily comfortable. From the already legendary Forbes-swaddled Caballero to our 3-hour dinner party solution, the Etesian, each piece epitomizes our ‘comfort-obsessed, thought-through’ ethos.

Ultimately we trust you’ll discover and agree that, in the crowded jungle that is the furnishings world, we are decidedly not more of the same.

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