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Willem Smith


WILLEM SMITH has been carefully designing and constructing furniture since 2003. It all began with a desire to conceive exciting and elegant designs that highlighted form, proportion and the spectacular characteristics of our woods and then later our leather and fabrics.  The objective was to present a look that was thoroughly fresh yet paid homage to traditional elements that resonated with us.

We soon added upholstered seating to our carefully-edited collection. Built to the highest standard and infused with our sit-it-to-believe-it piErgonom technology, our chairs are extraordinarily comfortable. From the already legendary Forbes-swaddled Caballero to our 3-hour dinner party solution, the Etesian, each piece epitomizes our comfort-obsessed, thought-through ethos.

Ultimately we trust you’ll discover that, in the crowded jungle that is the furnishings world, we are decidedly not more of the same. 

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Why the Inlay?

Every WILLEM SMITH piece comes with a promise.  Our furniture has been proudly (yet discreetly) signed with our trademarked wings-and-diamonds inlay (glossary.com) pattern: you can spot it tucked in a cove, nestled in an edge or subtly decorating a panel.  Whenever you discover our distinctive motif, be assured that the provenance of the piece is one of integrity, from the fundamentals of the design to the construction which has respected the basic tenet of old world, bench-made furniture making.

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Where are you located?

Currently we have one location in the Washington DC Design Center

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How can I hear about new pieces and promotions?

Please provide us with your email address here  so that we can keep you up to date with very occasional emails about WILLEM SMITH pieces and special promotions. 

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Designing Your Piece

I like this piece. It says I can customize. Now what?

There are lots of WILLEM SMITH pieces that allow for customization choices that can be exciting but also dizzying at first for some.  To the right of product description, you can see which aspects of the piece are customizable.  Now it’s time to tackle the array of fabric, leather, finishes, and, in some cases, hardware so that your piece will fit your space perfectly and epitomize your style.  Remember, these are purely a matter of aesthetics and personal preference – enjoy browsing our selections:

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Can I get a sample?

Yes, we have samples for all WILLEM SMITH leather and fabric as well as our finishes.  We ask for a $25 deposit, which is returned to you when you return the sample or buy a piece of furniture.  Go to our contact page to request a sample.

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Can I use my own fabric?

Yes, in most cases.  We pay particular attention to the quality and grade of our fabric but can work with you if you want to use your own fabric.  See COM/COL glossary.

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Do you sell your fabric and leather by the yard?

Yes, our leather and fabric is available by the yard.

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Will I be able to get it down the hall and around the corner?

You’ve no doubt already measured the space where you will put the piece and compared it to the dimensions on our pages about each product.  Especially for large pieces, please consider the pathway your new piece will take from your threshold to its intended destination.  In addition to considering the dimensions of entries, stairs, tight corners and hallways, please consider fixtures or other built in’s which could obstruct the piece. 

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How can I tell what a chair feels like before ordering?

Comfort is highly subjective. We obsess over the comfort of our chairs:  the right height, the right pitch, the right firmness.  Our chairs universally receive strong accolades for their comfort and “sit-ability”.   THe easiest answer is come to the showroom and sit it to believe it!  However, for ease of mind, some designers have purchased one sample and then completed a large order after client approvals. Let us know if we can assist you with this process.  We have confidence you will have ease of mind in addition to an easy chair when you work with WILLEM SMITH.

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What types of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and checks.  We wait until checks clear before we can begin construction of a custom order or ship your piece.   Please contact us if you would like to make other payment arrangements. 

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Do you have gift certificates?

Yes.  WILLEM SMITH gift certificates can be the perfect present for father’s day, a wedding or other special occasions like wedding anniversaries.  Contact us by phone or email to order gift certificates.  We can send it to you or to the recipient directly, including a personal message

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Do you charge taxes?

WILLEM SMITH adheres to all applicable state regulations.  Accordingly, we collect taxes on all purchases, and, depending on the state, this may include taxes on shipping fees.  Sales tax calculations may be subject to revision and are recalculated on the day your order ships, when shipping fees are finalized.  Sales tax is not collected on Gift Cards purchases.  When a purchase is made with a Gift Card, it subject to sales tax in accordance with the applicable laws.

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How much does it cost for shipping and delivery?

Our white glove shipping rates are based on total weight and distance from our manufacturing facility.  Please contact us about particular pieces for us to provide you with an estimate

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How do you ship?

We use a white glove delivery service for our furniture deliveries. A courteous and professional team will deliver the order to your home or property, place the furniture in the appropriate room(s) and remove all packaging materials and boxes. 

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes. International shipping charges include all duties, freight, broker, and clearance fees.  Please contact us to discuss.

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Can I cancel my order?

As our furniture is custom built per order, we only allow orders to be canceled within 24 hours of the initial purchase.  Changing orders after a piece is underway can be problematic.  That said, we want you to be completely happy with your purchase.  After you have finalized an order, if you are concerned about some aspect of the design, call us  If there is an aspect that you want to change and it is still in the early stages of manufacturing, we may be able to accommodate a change request, which may or may not include change fees.

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What are your terms and conditions?

All transactions with Willem Smith & Company, LLC (“WILLEM SMITH”) are subject to the following TERMS and CONDITIONS.

Entire Agreement

Acceptance of orders is based on the express condition that the Buyer agrees to all of the terms and conditions contained herein. Issuance of an initial payment (either a deposit or the full balance) by the Buyer will constitute the Buyer's assent to these terms and conditions.  No terms or conditions in any way adding to, modifying or otherwise changing the provisions stated herein shall be binding unless made in writing and signed and approved by an officer of WILLEM SMITH.

Pricing and Payment

Trade prices are confidential and reserved for design industry professionals and furniture resale establishments with valid sales tax exempt certificates.

No changes or cancellations are accepted after WILLEM SMITH‘sreceipt of a Purchase Order with accompanying payment.   An order, once manufactured, will be shipped upon receipt of payment for any open balance and anticipated freight charges.  Balances must be paid within 30 days or will be subject to penalties.  Ready-to-ship dates, whether conveyed informally or in writing, are only estimates.

WILLEM SMITH accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash and personal checks (with photo identification) for deposits.  Balances to be paid by check.  Checks are to be made payable to WILLEM SMITH.


All taxes and excises of any nature whatsoever now or hereafter levied by governmental authority, whether federal, state or local, either directly or indirectly, upon the sale or transportation of any goods covered hereby shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.

Shipping/Freight, Inspection, Warehousing, Delivery and Installation Fees

These fees are the responsibility of the Buyer.  Freight from the manufacturer to the Buyer’s receiving warehouse is the client’s responsibility.  Note that these charges may not appear on the original estimate, invoice or acknowledgement and that they vary significantly depending on the location of the manufacturer’s facilities and the size of the items.  Receiving warehouses have different fee schedules for, among other services, receiving, unwrapping, inspection, disposal of packing materials, storage, assembly and in-home delivery.  Please verify the applicable fees with your receiving firm prior to placing an order.


It is the responsibility of the Buyer (or their appointed agent) to thoroughly inspect the shipment for any visible shipping damage and for accuracy of materials ordered while the driver is on site during delivery.  Discrepancies and damage must be noted on the freight carrier delivery receipt.   Notify the carrier at once.  All damaged cartons should be saved until the claim, if any, is settled. 

It is the client’s responsibility to handle any claims of damage or missing items directly with the carrier.  Typically, delivery carriers must be notified, in writing, of a possible claim within two (2) business days of the acceptance of the shipment.

All other claims, including defects, shortages and errors, must be made in writing within 10 days after receipt of merchandise.  Failure to make any claim within such 10 day period shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and a waiver of any such claims.

Force Majeure

All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only. WILLEM SMITH shall not be liable for delays in completion or shipment or default in delivery for any reason of force majeure or for any cause beyond WILLEM SMITH's reasonable control.

Returns and Refunds

Showroom inventory purchased without discount (other than a professional trade discount) may be returned in its original condition for a full refund within seven (7) days of pick-up or delivery.  Delivery/shipping fees are not refundable.

All sales marked as ‘As Is’ or in any manner exceptionally discounted are final and cannot be returned or refunded. 

No returns are accepted on custom items or custom orders.

Sales of a manufacturer’s stock furnishings cannot be refunded unless the manufacturer has a published return policy.  These policies typically (i) apply only to current stock items, (ii) require that the customer pay all shipping costs, and (iii) assume that the items are received at the manufacturer’s premises in their original condition.

Limited Warranty

For non-WILLEM SMITH products, WILLEM SMITHdoes not offer any warranty but is committed to assisting its clients in addressing a warranty issue with the respective manufacturer.  WILLEM SMITHreserves the right to inspect merchandise on site on behalf of a manufacturer.

Fabric:  Fabric warranties are specific to the manufacturer.  Typically this warranty addresses seams, slippage and fraying but does not include wrinkling, fading, pilling, shrinking, dye lots and normal wear and tear.

Upholstery Cushions:  Bear in mind that a softening of foam, down, and other core material will occur over the life of an upholstered piece and therefore these phenomena are not covered by a warranty.

Leather, Paint and Wood:  Natural variations occur in the dye lots, wood grains, leather hides, and painted finishes and therefore these phenomena are not covered by a warranty.

Bear in mind that many of the products available through WILLEM SMITH are hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Slight variations in dimensions, detail and construction may occur.

Please direct any questions regarding policies customary to the wholesale trade process to your design consultant or directly to info@willemsmith.com.

All prices, policies, terms and conditions are subject to change without notification.

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Checking on Status of an Order

When will I receive my order?

Typically, pieces are completed in about three months.  Allow an extra week or two for delivery.

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I just placed an order. Did I remember to include all the aspects of the order I wanted?

Within the next business day of placing an order, you will receive an email confirming all aspects of your order.  Please review the email and description of the order carefully for accuracy and completeness.

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How can I check the status of an order?

Contact us anytime for an update on your order.  One to two weeks before your furniture is finalized, we will contact you again to arrange for delivery. In the meantime, we welcome calls from you about updates on your order.   

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Can I place a rush order?

Yes.  Rush order fees may apply. As rush order are specific to the pieces configuration, please contact us to discuss your deadlines and requirements.

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Receiving Your Willem Smith Pieces

What if my product is damaged in transit?

Please thoroughly inspect your piece upon receipt for any visible shipping damage and for accuracy of materials ordered while the driver is on site during delivery. If you find any damage or discrepancies, please note it on the freight carrier delivery receipt and save any damaged cartons until the claim is settled.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience and no later than five days of receipt of the goods.  In most instances, we will schedule on-site repairs or make transportation arrangements for an exchange, depending on the severity of the damage.

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What if I find a defect?

In the unusual even that you find defect, please call us as soon as possible and within five days of receipt to file your claim so we can help make it right.  Ideally, have your original receipt documents handy but we do have your information on file. We happily replace furniture with defects as stipulated in the Limited Warrantysection of our Terms and Conditions.  As we take great pride in our work (not to mention as we cover return and replacement shipping of defective goods), we conduct a thorough inspection of all of our work prior to releasing it from the manufacturing warehouse. 

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Leather Care Tips from WILLEM SMITH Furniture Works

At WILLEM SMITH, our co-mantras are “Thought through” and “Comfort-obsessed”.   We love using leather on our chairs because it is so consistent with our ethos.   Nothing sits like a well-designed and carefully-built chair swaddled in a great leather.  And you can sit a long time: properly maintained leather will last – and look terrific - four times as long as fabric. 
Caring for leather is straightforward:

  • Rules 1-10 are to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and to direct heat. 
  • Leather furniture & dust don’t mix.  Regular vacuuming (yes, vacuuming) with a non-abrasive attachment is a simple and effective method to keep the surface clean.
  • For most leathers it is safe to occasionally wipe your leather with a clean, damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.  
  • Blot (don’t rub or scrub) any spills immediately.

For many leathers we recommend using a gentle widely-available leather conditioner such as Lexol but not more frequently than once a year.  It is easily applied with a sponge followed by wiping any excess with a dry cloth a few minutes later.  For a full aniline or nubuck leather only use cleaners and conditioners specifically formulated for those leathers – enquire at your favorite leather furniture company for recommended brands.  Note that some conditioners may slightly darken a leather’s appearance so please test any conditioner on an inconspicuous area first.  
Again, many people don’t use any products on their leather: if it isn’t drying out, it’s happy. 
And finally, bear in mind that over time and with use your leather will develop a unique and welcoming patina, giving it a distinctive appearance and further softening as it ages.  Much like all of us.

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