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Office Chairs

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Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
  • Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
  • Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
  • WILLEM SMITH Etesian Capital Office Chair
  • WILLEM SMITH Etesian Capital Office Chair
  • Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
  • Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
  • Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm
  • WILLEM SMITH Etesian Capital Office Chair
  • WILLEM SMITH Etesian Capital Office Chair
  • Willem Smith Etesian Upholstered Arm

Capital Chair

Model CHR25

We don’t want to pick sides in the evolutionist/creationist debate, and in the case of our Capital Chair, we straddled the issue. We did not design our exceptionally comfortable chair from the ground up; in fact, it evolved into its current form due to the versatile - and lauded - performance of its cousin, the Etesian Upholstered Arm Chair.

Starting at $899. As shown $1,379

Dimensions24 OW x 29 OD (19-1/4 SD seat) x 37-1/2 – 41-1/2 OH
Shown InWILLEM SMITH Soho Whisper Gray and Chesterfield Walnut leather. Brushed Nickel base.
UpholsteryExtensive graded-in WILLEM SMITH leather and upholstery.
COM/COL3 yards / 54 sq. ft.
WoodOptional wood base.
FinishPolished or Brushed Nickel, Black.
CustomizeOptional perforated leather seating surfaces.
Noting that our clients frequently and repeatedly placed our Etesian as a desk and meeting room chair, we sent it off to our product development team who tailored it (her? him?) for life at a desk. With a fancy 5-star swivel-tilt base, saddle-stitched seams and the same piErgonom comfort ingredients, our Capital Chair is perfect for conference rooms and offices of any design bend. Reserved in scale yet supporting you in all the right places, the Capital chair’s silhouette will position you, amenably and tidily, for the comfort and success you deserve.


We are committed to offering industry-leading quality and selection at a surprising value.  Chosen for their consistency, luxurious hand and, importantly, value, WILLEM SMITH leathers have been aniline dyed, and most have received a light topcoat for depth of color and protection against the realities of life.

Certain series have a more pronounced grain while others may be typically smoother, have a glossier finish or even, hold onto your socks, appear to have a sparkly iridescence.  Some of our favorites exhibit a degree of what is referred to as a pull-up burst; these wonderful hides celebrate the character marks that make each piece of furniture undeniably unique.  Choose your favorite colors, and then contact us to learn about the distinctive characteristics of each collection.

Search by color:  blueblack, brown, greengreymaroonorangepurpleredtanwhiteyellow

Objects for Life

All of the WILLEM SMITH pieces are meant for a lifetime. Below are some straightforward tips to help you easily preserve the beauty of your collection for years to come.

Enjoy. Host yet another three-hour dinner party in your Etesian chairs. Curl up with a long novel in our Francisco. Our uncompromising attention to the construction of each piece assures your WILLEM SMITH collection will endure and endure. Our classic, clean lines and our conscientious provision of the highest quality and most appropriate materials assure your pieces will be simple to maintain. 

If you have specific questions on caring for any of your WILLEM SMITH piece, please call us. We would love to hear from you.


Dust can cast a dull pallor, masking the inherent beauty of our carefully selected woods. Frequent dusting not only allows you to pass the white glove test and recoup the wood’s sheen, it removes airborne pollutants which could scratch wooden surfaces. An ever so slightly dampened, clean, soft cloth is our tool or choice; it effectively removes and traps dust from becoming airborne again. Periodically, to restore the natural luster, polish wooden furniture with a lint-free cloth, working in the direction of the grains as much as possible. 

Leather Furniture

WILLEM SMITH can partner with you to guide you in understanding the quality, grade and origin of the leather used as you customize your leather pieces. Our high quality leather will provide many years of good service. Maintenance is easy. A wipe of a clean, soft, damp cloth and regular dusting. Over time, leather will develop a patina giving it a distinctive appearance as it matures. To extend the life of leather, we recommend applying a specialist hide solution every year or so. 


WILLEM SMITH fabrics are selected not only for their beauty but also taking into consideration the practicality of using your pieces yet keeping them beautiful. Naturally, wipe up any spills and spots as soon as you see them. Using the small attachment for your vacuum cleaner you can quickly keep your upholstered furniture clean and dust free. A steam cleaner can help provide a periodic, deeper clean. As with all valuable pieces of furniture and antiques, avoid placing them in direct sunlight or within two feet of heat sources. Sun and heat can dry out wood and finishes, crack leather and fade upholstered fabric. Of course, water can also damage wood, leather and fabric surfaces. If you have a spill, dry the area thoroughly and promptly. All-purpose cleaning sprays are not appropriate for WILLEM SMITH or other fine furniture.

How Not To Get Stuck

You’ve no doubt already measured the space where you will put the piece and compared it to the dimensions on our pages about each product. Now let's make sure you can get it there.

The Pathway to Its Intended Destination
  • Entryways: height and width of all areas. Take into consideration the space that the door takes up. Are there any fixtures in the way?

  • Entry Clearance: the distance from the wall, through the doorway to the opposite wall.

  • Twists and Turns: consider ceiling height (if you need to stand the sofa), lights, fans or other ceiling fixtures, banisters.

Other Considerations
  • Before delivery, remove any frames or artwork from walls to avoid bumps and scratches.

  • Remove any potential obstacles between the door and your furniture’s final placement—plants, chairs, accent tables, etc.

  • Please confine pets to ensure they won’t be underfoot or escape out open doors.

  • If you live in a building with an elevator, measure the height of the door, as well as the inside space to ensure it’s big enough for your furniture to travel in.

  • Cut out a cardboard template in the size of the new furniture or using masking tape mark off the area on your floor to help you envision how it will fit in your room.



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